People for Spring 2019: Mindfulness and Compassion: Living Fully, Personally and Professionally — NUIP 3030

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<div class="list-group"><a href="/content/dorothe-bach"><div class="list-item"><div class="list-item-image"><img src="" width="150" height="150" alt="Dorothe Bach" title="Dorothe Bach" /></div>  <h3 class="list-item-title">Dorothe Bach</h3>  <div class="list-item-body">    <div class="list-item-teaser"><p>In her role as a faculty/educational developer, she facilitates a variety of events and programs designed to enhance the University’s teaching mission. Intensive multi-day workshops, year-long programs, and learning communities include the TRC’s Course Design Institute, the Excellence in Diversity Fellows Program, and the Contemplative Pedagogy Program, among others. She consults nationally and internationally on higher education teaching and learning. Her research focuses on early and mid-career faculty development, course design, learning portfolios, contemplative pedagogy, using social media for learning, transformational learning, and community engagement. A list of her workshops and publications can be found on her TRC webpage.</p>    </div>  </div></div></a></div>
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