People for J-Term 2014: Conscious Social Change

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<div class="list-group"><a href="/content/david-germano"><div class="list-item"><div class="list-item-image"><img src="" width="150" height="150" alt="David Germano" title="David Germano" /></div>  <h3 class="list-item-title">David Germano</h3>  <div class="list-item-body">    <div class="list-item-teaser"><p>While teaching in the Department of Religious Studies, where he has advised many doctoral students, Germano is the Executive Director of the Contemplative Sciences Center, the Faculty director of the Tibet Center, and SHANTI (Sciences, Humanities, and the Arts Network of Technological Initiatives) at the University of Virginia. He has lived for many years in Tibetan communities in Tibet, where he has also worked extensively on programs of scholarly engagement, community service, participatory knowledge, and digital technology initiatives. He is currently focused on the exploration of contemplative ideas, values, and practices involving scientific methodologies and new applications in diverse fields in the professional schools, and in higher education overall.</p>    </div>  </div></div></a></div>
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