People for Does a Contemplative Practice Bring Immediate Recovery from Post-Television Executive Function Depletion in Young Children

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<div class="list-group"><a href="/content/angeline-lillard"><div class="list-item"><div class="list-item-image"><img src="" width="150" height="150" alt="Angeline Lillard" title="Angeline Lillard" /></div>  <h3 class="list-item-title">Angeline Lillard</h3>  <div class="list-item-body">    <div class="list-item-teaser"><p>Dr. Lillard's research concerns how children manage to live in pretend worlds as well as real ones and how those worlds effect them. Research on the impact of television on executive function, the transfer of information across the real-pretend boundary, the course of pretending over one's lifetime, how children understand to enter and exit pretend frames, how the brain responds to what is only imagined, and what children know about pretending all fall under this. She also studies Montessori education and its outcomes.</p>
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