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Mindfulness + Movement

Launched in November 2013, Mindfulness + Movement is a collaborative project between the Contemplative Sciences Center and the Curry School of Education to provide 36 weeks of secular mindfulness programming to Albemarle County Public Elementary Schools. Under the direction of Professor Patricia Jennings, Curry School of Education, Marian Matthews leads the Mindfulness + Movement program in four schools. The program promotes students’ social and emotional well-being and supports their ability to learn inside and outside the classroom. The basic units of the curriculum include Anchor Words, Feelings, Heartfulness, Compassion, Gratitude, Discipline & Judgment, and focus on integrating breathwork, body movement and emotional control to bring awareness into real life situations. Students learn to use their breath as a tool – watching and learning to control it, especially when they may feel frustrated or overwhelmed. The program is currently in its second year, and hopes to expand reach to additional schools in the future.
The Mindfulness + Movement program is largely funded through private philanthropy.  To make a gift, click here.