Fall 2017 : Foundations of Medical Yoga for Health Professionals - GNUR 5009

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Fall 2017 : Foundations of Medical Yoga for Health Professionals - GNUR 5009


Tue. Aug 22, 2017 - Tue. Dec 5th, 2017 (16 weeks)
Every Tuesday from 4:15 PM to 6:15 PM


McLeod Hall 2010

This elective course will provide graduate nursing and medical students, and practicing health professionals, with a foundational understanding of therapeutic yoga in terms of history, theory, and research of yoga in relation to health and wellness.

This course will explore six areas: 1. The history of yoga; 2. Theories and conceptualizations of medical yoga as a healing modality; 3. Theories of stress and illness; 4. A review of significant research related to therapeutic yoga; 5. Applications of medical yoga for self care; and 6. Applications of medical yoga for clinical care. It will include both didactic (i.e., lecture) and experiential (i.e., lab) components.

Definition of Medical Yoga: It is a therapeutic application of Yoga and Mindfulness that is applied to the special needs of: 1) individuals with chronic or acute medical conditions, 2) pre- and post-surgical patients, 3) the elderly, and 4) individuals with limited mobility.
No previous experience with yoga practices is necessary for inclusion in this course.

Instructor: Maureen Mala Cunningham (

* 3 credits