Compassionate Schools Project



Compassionate Schools Project

The Compassionate Schools Project comprises the comprehensive study and implementation of the K-5 portion of a wellness curriculum being developed at UVA. The Compassionate Schools Project researchers will determine if the curriculum – which includes integration of mindfulness practices, nutrition, and interpersonal skills training – has the effects it is designed to provide, namely improved physical health, mental wellbeing, and academic engagement. The curriculum is being implemented over seven years (2014-2021) in 25 Louisville, Kentucky classrooms in the Jefferson County Public School system. 
The Compassionate Schools Project initiative will use the research gold standard for determining results randomized trial in multiple schools. The ability to implement and test this curriculum at such a large scale over several years–50 schools with 20,000 children–will provide sound evidence about the curriculum’s effectiveness. If results show significant benefits for students, findings could be applicable nationwide.


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